MoreLand, a curatorial project by Sarah Turner and Iris Eichenberger

Dates: October 21, 2017 - December 23, 2017.


Moreland takes its inspiration from one of our favorite places: hardware stores. So often, a beautiful brush, a perfectly proportioned bucket, an endless spool of chain, or a simple ball of twine has captured us. And, we’ve delighted in the regional differences of hardware stores – what one sees, needs and expects in Munich, Germany is different than what’s in stock in Athens, Georgia. We’re interested in how regional differences show up in these straightforward stores.


I've made 24 boxes, four different groups of 6 identical boxes.  I took a field trip to Grassy Creek Hardware, one of my favorite hardware stores in the world.  This is the kind that you forces you to meander, trip over brooms and buckets, stumble into various gadgets you didn't know you needed, and then maaaaybe, after staring at the right spot for way too long, you just might find what you are looking for.  Do not. I repeat. Do NOT go if you are in a hurry  or on any kind of schedule.  Check out takes at least 15 minutes.  There is not a single computer in the entire store, I'll show you the crazy making stacks of paper sometime.

I came home with a box of random stuff I picked out based purely on its color, texture, form NOT function.  The good ol' boys who run the store chuckle and (thankfully) don't ask too many questions.

 The image roll to the left shows a bit of the progress.  I'm making these boxes to hold specific items I found at this Grassy Creek Hardware store.  6 mini eyeglass fix-it kits. 6 mini cans of WD-40. 6 neon orange 4 in 1 tools, and 6 bundles of long stick matches.  The boxes are made using laminated 2x4's that are carved, painted, and adorned with construction tape, screws/staples, zip ties, and rope.